Cheez-It Bowl: What did I just watch?

Very rare is there a football game that is so bad, I wish I had washed my memory of said game. One of those games was tonight in the 2018 Cheez-It Bowl between the Cal Golden Bears of the Pac-12 and the TCU Horned Frogs of the Big 12.

This was one of the ugliest offensive football games that I have ever seen, I think JV 8-man football games in the state of Iowa looked prettier than the display that Cal and TCU put on tonight. Between the four quarterbacks who played tonight, both teams combined to go 25-for-54, 192 yards, no touchdowns and 9 (yes, NINE!!) interceptions.

The game was tied at seven late in the fourth quarter when perhaps one of the most bizzare sequences in recent memory occurred for TCU’s special teams as they prepared to kick the possible game-winning field goal.

Cal head coach Justin Wilcox called a timeout to ice the kicker, during that timeout, TCU coach Gary Patterson ran out junior kicker Jonathan Song to replace junior Cole Bunce, who was originally supposed to kick the field goal. Patterson decided he did not want Song out there and ran Bunce back on to the field in one of the more bizzare incidents I’ve ever seen.

Bunce ended up missing the field goal in regulation, however, Jonathan Song made the game-winning field goal in overtime.

I am a proponent for trying to include a bowl-eligible teams in the postseason, but if all we’re going to get is lopsided games and games so ugly it makes watching paint dry seem interesting, there needs to be a reduction on bowl games.

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