Iowa High School Football: Win-Loss records for programs since 1997 (UPDATED)

For anyone who knows me personally, they know that I am just an absolute nut when it comes to sports statistics. Every Super Bowl Champion, Heisman Trophy winners, NFL and college football records, MLB records, I can’t get enough of it.

I have followed Iowa high school football more closely than a lot of major sports leagues in my short time as a sports fan. I was fortunate to grow up in a community where high school football reigned king in Madrid, a small school powerhouse in the state of Iowa.

As I went to games as a kid and began playing into my high school days, I always heard coaches talk about how great a program some of these teams we faced were. I remember always thinking to myself “Well, how long have they’ve been a great program? What’s their Win-Loss record or winning percentage?”

While there’s a good chance I’ll never get that itch fully satisfied, I got to exorcise it with this project.

With the help of Wayback Machine, Quik Stats Iowa, and the IHSAA, I have been able to compile the win-loss record of current (and former) programs in the state of Iowa since 1997.

I started work on this project somewhere around the 4th of July. Had to slow down once school started, but finishing it now gives me great pleasure.

I chose to divvy up the project by conference simply for getting more schools done at one time, rather than current districts. Hope everyone finds this useful and as fun as I have found it.

70% Club

Bluegrass Conference

Central Iowa Metro League

Corner Conference

Hawkeye 10 Conference

Heart of Iowa Conference

Iowa Star Conference

Lakes Conference

Little Hawkeye Conference

Mississippi Athletic Conference

Mississippi Valley Conference

Missouri River Conference

North Iowa Cedar League

North Central Conference

Northeast Iowa Conference

Pride of Iowa Conference

Raccoon River Conference

River Valley Conference

Rolling Valley Conference

Southeast Iowa Superconference

Siouxland Conference

South Central Conference

South Iowa Cedar League

Southeast Conference

Top of Iowa Conference

Tri-Rivers Conference

Twin Lakes Conference

Upper Iowa Conference

WaMaC Conference

War Eagle Conference

West Central Activities Conference

Western Iowa Conference

Western Valley Activities Conference

3 thoughts on “Iowa High School Football: Win-Loss records for programs since 1997 (UPDATED)

  1. This is very neat. Question: is there any team (regardless of class) that you found that went 0-9 and the very next year went 9-0?


  2. If this is of any interest to you, I have a website devoted to sports at Anamosa. It covers all sports that I can find results for in our local newspapers. I have football results starting in 1895, boy’s basketball starts in 1905 for example. I am constantly updating results, searching for old records (with varying amounts of luck). Feel free to use any or all of it as you see fit.


  3. Sorry, I’m technology incompetent. I put on Quikstats that we (Saydel) won a game in 2018, but we didn’t win. I also can’t figure out how to input stats. I need training.


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