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My takes on current events in the world of sports, paying homage to sports history and taking on the greatest debates in the world of sports

Iowa High School Football: Win-Loss records for programs since 1997

Open Air: How two former Iowa assistants revolutionized football in the Big 12 conference

Big Ten Preview: Now-healthy Sparty looks to re-enter conference title talk

Big Ten Preview: Close endings focus Hawkeyes heading into 2019

Big Ten Preview: Terrapins look to distance themselves from Durkin regime

Big Ten Preview: Badgers look to rebound from disappointing 2018

Big Ten Preview: Meyer’s departure gives a fresh new Day in Columbus

Big Ten Preview: Silence is Bliss for Reigning West Champs

Big Ten Preview: Huskers look to make strides in Frost’s second year

Big Ten Preview: New look Wolverines still have one obstacle to conquer

Loyalty in High School Coaching: A Lost Concept

Iowa High School Football Programs Win/Loss Record by Conference

An Everlasting Presence

How does Iowa put so many players in the NFL?

Profound Impact: Two Iowa superstars that meant more than the game to me

How the Tom Izzo-Aaron Henry incident is the pinnacle of soft America

Growing Avalanche: How the suspension of Gary Dolphin adds to the mishaps of the Iowa athletic department

Iowa Fans: You’re Better Than This

The Man they call “Elvis”…Hawkeye Elvis

CMS40: A perspective from someone who never saw him play

Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback to ever play the game: Get Over It

Why Urban Meyer should never be hired again

Cheez-It Bowl: What did I just watch

Baker Mayfield-Hue Jackson Controversy

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